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"Each day I am blessed to be a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, business owner, Veteran, and American."


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Born and raised in Horseheads, NY, Roxanne grew up in a musical and artistic family. She joined the Navy at 17 and began playing guitar to add accompaniment to her love of singing just as her father had. She wrote many songs and dreamed of releasing an album. These songs, however, were a reflection of how she felt in the world: lost, confused, and wondering if she had a purpose.

At the age of 24, now out of the Navy, her life changed when she recognized that the God of the universe loved her. Realizing exactly what Jesus did on the cross, she now understood that she could have a close, intimate relationship with God--He was waiting and pursing her the whole time. Her time of running from Him had ended. Her journey to thank Him and tell others about His love had begun.

Fast forward: Roxanne met Dale Burk and his family when she and her husband moved to Ohio in 2006. He listened to her songs, felt her passion for the music God put on her heart, and understood her desire to move toward the goal of releasing an album. He became her mentor and good friend. He helped her arrange and release her first 2 albums.

Roxanne lives in Bolivar with her husband and 2 boys. She sings many charity events and supports various organizations.